Tour Update

Hey everyone, Greetings from Prague in the Czech Republic.


Tonight is the last show of 5 in a row and everyone could really use a day off.

The drives have been long and the roads have been rough but the shows have more than made up for it.

This European tour has really been amazing for us so far. Last night in Warsaw, Poland we were sitting in the dressing room and listening to the people outside, standing in line waiting to get into the show, singing old Iron Maiden and Judas Priest songs at the top of their lungs!! It put all of us in such a great mood. There is nothing like the pure force of hard rock and heavy metal and the people who live it day in and day out!! It reminded us of when we were kids and we’d be going to a show at Madison Square Garden, the Philadelphia Spectrum or the Palladium in NYC to see Maiden or Priest or Kiss, etc..


We’d be cranking their records on the stereo of the unlucky driver’s car and singing at the top of our lungs as if our lives depended on it. And, truth be told, our lives did!! 

Music was all that existed to us; everything else was a distant second!! Everything in our lives centered around the records, the magazines, the purchasing of the concert tickets and everything that led up to the show. And then the aftermath of it all, sharing the stories amongst ourselves and critiquing it ad nauseum.  This was the ritual and it was sacred.

Last night reminded us that the spirit of hard rock and heavy metal not only still remains but it is louder than ever and unbroken!

Thank you Warsaw, and every stop on this tour, for keeping the soul of music alive!!



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