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UWR Chapter one Now Available

United World Rebellion: chapter one is now available world wide through Megaforce Records and UDR Music.

Chapter One is the first out of three chapters that Skid Row will release in the next 18 months. 



Q&A with Scotti Hill

Do you have any sort of pre show rituals?

Warming up has become an important part of my pre show ritual. It's something that I used to overlook, I just went out and played cold. Eventually I figured out that I played so much better after warming up before the show (DUH!!). I also do some stretching. The Skid Row show is very physically demanding. Im always coming off stage with small cuts, bruises and pulled muscles. Over time I once again realized that a few minutes of stretching can keep the machine running longer and more efficiently. Another big part of pre show is getting into the proper mental state. Getting psyched and adrenaline pumping is a must. Let it build up like a slow fuse until I release it with that first chord. This is a feeling of massive power.
If you were to add one song that is currently not on the set list, what would it be?
I always thought it would be fun to play the song "Forever". Purely for the selfish reason that it's a fun guitar song. But most Skid Row fans don't know it. It was leftover from the first record and eventually appeared on 40 Seasons. I also think "The Threat" would be a good song. Im sure there or many other songs that Ive forgotten about. I think "2112" by Rush would be fun too. 
What is your personal favorite song on United World Rebellion chapter one? And why?
That is difficult to answer. Since it's only 5 songs, I look at entire EP as more one piece of music rather then 5 songs. If it where 12 or 15 songs it would be easier to answer. Let's get back to this question when all 3 chapters are done. I should be able to come up with a favorite song then. Or not.
What is your favorite and  least favorite part of the recording process?
I have always enjoyed the studio. It's the creative capsule with no windows and no clocks. Hearing what you've been working on turn into a finished and polished result is very rewarding. But from time to time you need to step out and breath some fresh air and find a distraction to keep you fresh. Getting to close to a song or a piece of music can be a bad thing and can bring a session to a standstill. 
What inspired you during the recording of United World Rebellion Chapter one?
It's always the same thing. The best work we can do. The best personal performance. The opportunity to be able to make music. The fact that our fans are eager to hear what we've come up with. The excitement and energy among the band members as it all comes together. It makes me look forward to the next chapter even more. 


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