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Q&A with Rob Hammersmith

Do you have any sort of pre show rituals?

Rob: Nothing exciting really... I like to do a little stretching and warm up my hands on a practice pad a little. Other than that, I don't have much of a ritual. 


If you were to add one song that is currently not on the set list, what would it be?

Rob: There are so many I'd love to add... If I have to narrow it down to one right now, it would be The Threat. Check back next week, I'm sure it'll be a different one!
What is your personal favorite song on United World Rebellion chapter one? And why?
Rob: My favorite would have to be Kings Of Demolition. I love the energy and the groove of the song, and it's been a blast to play live!
What is your favorite and  least favorite part of the recording process?
Rob: I think my least favorite part of the recording process would have to be the balance of over thinking things, and just doing what we do and doing it naturally. It's very easy in that situation to get too close to what it is you're working on, and losing the ability to be objective. That's a balance you have to be aware of at all times. I'm not always great at that!
My favorite part of the recording is the excitement of the creative process. I love the idea of five guys in the rehearsal room having fun and working out ideas. It takes us back to the feeling we had when we all starting do this. It's an awesome feeling.
What inspired you during the recording of United World Rebellion Chapter one?
Rob: The energy and excitement from all of us as a band was pretty inspiring. The band was really excited to back in the studio after so much time since the last recording. The excitement was throughout the entire process was great. That kind of excitement and energy from the people around you is contagious, and it makes you want to work harder. In that environment, it reminds you that we're fortunate to be able to do this, and it doesn't feel like work at all!

Snake's joins Twisted Sister on stage.

When I was 16 years old I had been sneaking into bars and clubs for a year or 2 already. Back then there were so many amazing bands playing in the bars and clubs in the NY/NJ area. And I wanted/needed to see them all! My life had already been changed 3 years earlier on Dec 16th in Madison Square Garden by this little band called Kiss! But Kiss seemed so larger than life and mythical that it seemed that it would be nearly impossible to achieve that sort of stature. I had started writing songs and they all sucked. It felt like I would never be able to achieve what I had seen on the stage at Madison Square Garden.




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