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Legendary Rock Interview with Dave “The Snake” Sabo

LRI:How close are you to recording and releasing it?  

DSS:You know what John, I don’t know.  We’ve written and completed a bunch of songs, we have like twelve songs but the thing is, they’re not all great.  So, we’re weeding them out and wading through it because it’s really important that we make a GREAT album.  We don’t wanna just put something out because it’s been a while, we’re going to keep working and I really don’t have a concrete answer as far as how much longer we’re going to take.  

We’re kind of in a rush because we are busy and have tour dates so we wanna get something out there but at the same time we’re not in a rush because we’re not about to put something out that’s half ass.  I know the fans want to hear something new from us and it’s been a while but at the same time we respect them enough to not just rush something out there.  I would really like to have something out by the end of the year.  We have at least 5 that will definitely make it and then about six other ones that we will continue to keep working on.  You can’t just write ten songs and throw it out there.  That more than anything is what’s WRONG with the music business.  There’s just too many people who have shipped records with one or two good songs on it and the rest of it is filler.  They’re just putting something out to meet a quota and that sucks.  The one thing I am pretty proud of is that throughout the history of SKID ROW it’s never been about just putting something out to meet a deadline.  We certainly had pressure on the second and third records but we never settled or compromised, at least not that I’m aware of.  I know I never did.  

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