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Legendary Rock Interview with Johnny Solinger


LRI:  Snake told us in our last interview that there was a lot of new material you were sifting through and I think you played one the other week, a song called “Let’s Go”, is that correct?
Johnny:  Yes, that’s a new one and I’ll tell you John, this new material is some of the best stuff we’ve done, definitely some of the best since I’ve been in the band. 
  I consider a song like “Ghost” a truly great song that really should have been a big hit single but that song came out  on my first album with the band, “Thickskin” and nobody gave a shit at that time which I understand.  At this point, I’m on my third album and I’ve been around for over a decade.  This next album and these songs are going to put us right back where we need to be because it’s been a while since “Revolutions Per Minute” came out.  The new album’s got a lot of the energy and vibe of “Slave To The Grind” and the lyrics and riffs are just technical and crazy and everyone is just really juiced up about it and that excitement is translating itself onto the tape.
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