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For an organization already well-known for providing sensory overload, NHRA continues to stimulate the senses in announcing today the forthcoming release of its debut music compilation.Go Fast: The Official Music of the NHRA, is a 10-song compilation highlighting the sights and sounds that drag racing fans have long associated with the sport.

Highlighting the album are new songs from artists such as Skid Row and Sevendust’s Lajon Witherspoon. Their respective songs, “Light the Fires, Let’s Go,” and “Ready to Go,” are hard-rock tracks that embody the NHRA culture and lifestyle. Other singles include opening-track “Nitro Funny Car” and The Fold’s “Grab the Wheel.”

Skid Row’s Rachel Bolan, an avid NHRA fan who wrote and performs “Light the Fires, Let’s Go,” said that putting together the song brought back great memories.
“Loud motors and loud guitars are the perfect match,” Bolan said. “We are a band made up of race fans. The sport of racing and rock and roll are very similar. We both travel town to town to bring power and excitement to hard-core fans. I used to go to [Old Bridge Township] Raceway Park as a kid with my brother. We would watch all the greats, Kalitta, Amato, ‘Big Daddy,’ and the excitement was mind blowing! So with that in mind, I came up with the idea by putting myself in the drivers’ mind, what it must be like to feel that much power in that short of time.”

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